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1998 KS Hwy 177
Cottonwood Falls, Kansas 66845



Flint Hills Community Church is located in

Cottonwood Falls, KS at the very southern edge of town.

If putting the address into your GPS, use 805 Walnut Street


  • casual atmosphere and dress

  • a place where all ages and backgrounds are welcome

  • glorifying music of all genres 

  • bible teaching

  • people who genuinely want God to be glorified


What about Sunday School?

We offer classes for all ages!

  • We have a nursery volunteer for those ages 2 and under

  • Toddler Sunday School for ages 2-5

  • Elementary Sunday School for grades K-6

  • Junior High and High School Sunday School for grades 7-12

  • Adult Sunday School Classes

These classes are designed to go deeper into the word and to study as a more intimate group where sharing and questions are encouraged. Sunday school begins at 10:00 am and will end at 10:40, right before the Worship Service begins, leaving you time to fill up on coffee, find a seat and prepare your heart for a time of worship. 



What about the Worship Service?

Our worship time is welcome to all ages, however, if your family so chooses we do have a nursery available for those children under the age of 4. We also provide an area where adults are able to step out with their children but are still able to see and hear the service. There is also a quiet room for children and their parents. This room is equipped with a changing station, rocking chairs, a crib and also privacy for nursing mothers.

Worship Service is from 10;45- 12:00 pm. It is a time where we catch up on each other's prayer requests and announcements, sing praises to God and get to hear a solid biblical sermon that encourages and challenges us to glorify God in our daily lives. 

Thank you for considering to join us! We would love to connect with you!

What we Believe

Traditionally the people of God have been known as "the people of the book" because we believe God has revealed Himself in the Scriptures. We believe this video offers a clear summary of the overarching story of the Bible, also known as the Gospel. 









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