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At Flint Hills Community Church, we believe in equipping our congregation with the tools and resources necessary to enhance their spiritual growth. We have curated a list of resources that we personally recommend and hope that they will provide valuable information and guidance.

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Daily Audio Bible

A website that provides a mobile app for you to listen to the Bible daily. They do not attempt to explain or teach, just read the Bible.


Bible Project

A non-profit studio that produces short videos to help people understand how the Bible was written. Pastor Dave sat on the ordination council of Tim Mackie (founder of the Bible project) and had the opportunity to deeply question his understanding of the Bible. You can trust their materials.

Reading with Coffee

Spiritual Mentor

Mature believers are available to meet with you to assist in your growth as a new follower of Jesus Christ. Contact Pastor Dave at the above email for recommendations that will be suitable for your gender and stage in life.

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Lessons on Assurance

A great starting point for people who are brand new to the Christian faith is the booklet Lessons on Assurance.

Available here for purchase

OR as

a free download here


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Lessons on Christian Living

A 2nd volume that builds upon Lessons on Assurance is the great booklet Lessons on Christian Living.

Available here for purchase


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FHCC Sermons

FHCC has its' own Podcast channel. Download current and previous sermons to your device and listen to Pastor Dave.

Right Now Media

Think of it as YouTube for Christians

Anyone associated with our church is entitled to a free subscription.


Free to you Streaming Service


Bible Study Videos


Kids Shows



Christian Based


Easy to access



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