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The purpose of these Bible Studies is to fellowship with one another throughout the week. We believe it is important to meet with other members of Christ’s body more than just Sunday mornings. We believe that growth happens in community. Below you will find a list of Bible Studies going on, with time, location, facilitator, and contact information. We encourage you to get connected with at least one Bible Study throughout the week.

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Bible Recap

Monday's 4:30 PM

Flint Hills Community Church

Contact: 620-794-4328

(Lynea Johnson)

Women's Bible Study

Tuesday's 10:00 AM

Flint Hills Community Church

Contact: 620-341-0268

(Maryiln Hinkson)

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Manly Discussions

1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month

5:15-6:30 PM

HeBrews Cafe

313 Broadway 

Cottonwood Falls

Contact: 620-273-6777

(Dave Thomas)


Men's Bible Study

Friday's 6:30 AM

Flint Hills Community Church

Contact: 620-794-5291

(Brendan Harshman)

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