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Our Ministries are an integral part of our community at Flint Hills Community Church. They provide opportunities for growth, fellowship, service, and outreach to our community. From children to adults, there is something for everyone. Join us and discover new ways to grow in your faith, serve others and strengthen your relationship with God.

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We believe that spiritual life is demonstrated by spiritual health. Healthy humans require feeding and exercise. Self-feeding through personal intake of God’s Word is essential, but also feeding in community is helpful when we are strengthened through the give-and-take of a study group or class.

The second requirement for health is exercise. You have abilities that are beneficial to our church and our community, and you will be strengthened as you share your energy and knowledge.

Please drop us a message with your contact information so that our Elders can get you connected with a growth community, an outlet for your abilities, and a mentor or print/media to assist in your discipleship.

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Ministry Teams

Get plugged into one of our Ministry Teams by emailing the Church 

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