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David Thomas
Office Hours: M-Th mornings & by appt.

Ministry Assistant
Becky Snovelle
Hours: 9 - 3 Tues, Thurs & Fri

Elders: (click on name to email)
John Conklin

Brendan Harshman

Frank Hinkson

Troy Johnson

Bruce Wells

While we are a Congregationally-ruled and Elder-led congregation,

Our ministry success is dependent upon faithful participation by empowered volunteer leaders!

The church office can connect you with these Ministry Teams:

Education Team

Family Life Team (fellowship activities)

Missions/Outreach Team

Stewards Team

Worship Team

The following on-going Outreach Teams are volunteer led & staffed:

Good News Club

Sunday Hospitality (Beverages & Greeting)

Youth 4:12

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