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Christ the Redeemer
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Good Fridays

Women's Event

Upcoming Date

April 7,, 2023

6:15-9:00 PM


1998 Hwy 177

Cottonwood Falls, KS 66845

RSVP by call, email, or click the link below:

What is Good Fridays all about?

To equip the women of Chase County to know and love the God of the Bible and to grow closer together in unity as we await the coming of our King.

Good Fridays is a new women's event hosted by the women of FHCC. In addition to focusing on spiritual growth and unity as women of FHCC, we want to invite all women of Chase County to come fellowship with us as we dive into the truths of the Bible and hear testimony. We. pray this is a night that would strengthen your relationships vertically with our Father but also horizontally with the women God has placed in your life.  Invite your girlfriends to an evening out at the church for live teaching, testimony, worship, and yummy food!

Our Evening Schedule

6:30 PM

7:15 PM

7:30 PM

7:50 PM

8:35 PM

9:00 PM

Dinner- enjoy a meal you didn't have to cook!

Worship- we enjoy singing a couple songs together in order to prepare our hearts

Testimony- listen as a fellow community member shares how God has worked in her life

Teaching- Bible teaching from one of our very one as she teaches us God's truths he has revealed to us

Discussion- time to discuss with your table about how we can apply these truths to our lives


Mark your calendar
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April 7, 2023

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