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S E R M O N  S E R I E S

The final week of Jesus' earthly life is the hinge point of history--everything from Creation looks forward to the Christ event and all time since the Resurrection looks back to this event in order to give meaning and purpose to the human experience. Join us live or online on Sundays as we explore the point on which all of time balances.


Luke 19:28-48

September 19, 2021

Luke 20:1-19

September 26, 2021

Luke 20:20-40

October 3, 2021

Luke 20:41-21:6

October 10, 2021

Luke 21:7-26

October 17, 2021

Luke 21:37-22:16

October 24, 2021

Luke 22:17-34

October 31, 2021



10:00 am Sunday School
10:45 am Worship Service
1998 KS HWY 177
Cottowood Falls, KS 66845