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S E R M O N  S E R I E S

For generations humans have wondered, "How did we get here?" Thousands of years ago God communicated through Moses a description of His great design in creation, the detour that happened when Man rebelled against God's good plan, and the downfall that followed that act of rebellion.

Join us this Winter & Spring as we separate man's view of our world from God's perspective. God has a perspective that gives hope for a brighter future!

February- May 2022

Downfall Banner.png
Genesis 4:17-5:32

April 24, 2022

Genesis 6:1-8

May 1, 2022

Genesis 6:9-8:22

May 8, 2022

Genesis 9:1-17

May 15, 2022

Genesis 9:18-11:26

May 22, 2022


10:00 am Sunday School
10:45 am Worship Service
1998 KS HWY 177
Cottowood Falls, KS 66845